Drone CircuitryHello dear readers and welcome to the home page of my new website dedicated solely to my blog posts. Well, it’s basically a blog, but I love calling it fancy names because I am weird like that. As you can guess for yourselves by looking at the website’s name, most of my blog posts are going to be dedicated to ARM microprocessors. They are an amazing new type of processors which are going to take up a major part of our everyday lives in just a couple of years. The possible applications of these little chips are endless, and as such, they should be getting a lot more attention than they are currently having. Many people know that these ARM chips have already found their way into our smartphones, smartwatches and other similar smart gadgets, but most of you don’t know that they are built for higher-tech as well. ARM chips are making their ways into professional autonomous drones (not those drones for toddlers that cost as little as $100, but the real big-boy premium drones with powerful motors and exceptional performance across the board), robots, smart home appliances and more devices with every passing month…


Drone DIY ProjectI would like to continue talking about drones in this second paragraph. Why? Well, because I am currently working on a project that will hopefully be a huge breakthrough for me as a potential future entrepreneur. Peasantly speaking, I am building an ARM powered DIY drone that will have solid performance and great stability, on par with some of the more expensive models on the market. I haven’t done any real tests with it. In other words, I am at the part of my DIY endeavor where I am just thankful I finally got it up and running with the controls I’ve been setting up for the past few weeks. In the upcoming days (or weeks if I happen to get a job), I’ll do my best to make a proper casing for it. After that, I’ll probably do a photo session and make a nice little blog post about it. Until then, all you can find out about my project can be found HERE.

Reasons behind creating this blog

As you can see, I am a huge fan of them and, with this blog, I am trying to get more attention to them. Well, that’s just one of the reasons behind the creation of this blog. The second one is establishing my name as a brand as I am currently unemployed and looking to start my career as an entrepreneur. It’s a long way ahead of me as these are just my humble beginnings, but with a lot of effort and hard work day in and day out, I am positive that I can make it… Oh, how rude of me – I just realized that I haven’t even introduced myself and I am already in the middle of my third Homepage paragraph. How stupid of me…

A couple of words about myself

Techie Guy Drone DIYI should start off by saying that my name is Christopher Duddingston, but you can call me Chris if you ever see me in real life. At the moment, I am an unemployed 26 year old from West Philly. Currently, I am living in a cozy little apartment in Spruce Hill with my 2-year-old cat Bouncer and my xx-year-old girlfriend Katie (there was no way she’d let me write her age here even though I begged down on my knees…). Some would say I fit into all techie stereotypes out there. As I already mentioned a couple of times throughout this homepage article, I am currently unemployed and am looking for any type of work possible… as long as it’s not in McDonald’s. In other words, if you happen to stumble upon my blog and you’re looking for a skilled Android developer, then please don’t hesitate to contact me via the form provided on the Contact page. That’s about it when it comes to the introduction.