The Future Of ARM Processors

There is some huge news regarding ARM microprocessors that are keeping me awake at night. It all started with Microsoft’s announcement that they are planning on setting up the fully fledged desktop version of Windows 10 to be run on ARM microprocessors. This is, at least for me, some huge news since it means that Microsoft has finally managed to fully blur the line between smartphones, tablets and laptops. Perhaps this new technology won’t bring revolutionary improvements right away, but it will definitely start with a couple of incremental ones, that’s for sure. I just hope Microsoft doesn’t use this technology only to bring smartphones and tablets closer to desktops because that would be terribly stupid of them. If they combined all the available information, they could easily create ARM chips that could go in laptops and notebooks. Now that’s something I would really like to see in the near future!

ARM processors are nowadays used mostly for powering our smartphones and smart watches. Even though they are used across a huge variety of tech gadgets such as robots or even drones, ARM is most famous for its usage in modern-day smartphones. A couple of days ago, there was another announcement that claimed that the new  Qualcomm’s Snapdragon flagship model (the 835) will most likely have the capability of running the desktop version of Windows 10, meaning that we could get a working prototype as soon as February this year. I’m honestly hoping that these new ARM microprocessors will replace Intel’s Atom processors that are sued for ultra portable laptops, notebooks and such. Even though I am a big fan of Intel, their Atom series is as bad as it gets. With new ARM microprocessors inside of these gadgets, we would have a whole new array of power and portability, basically unlike anything we have seen so far. Just imagine these microprocessors powering up your brand new notebook, without any fans, any noise and with special perks such as more connectivity, bundled GPUs, built-in 3G and 4G network capabilities… AWESOME!